Gradient Tool

How to use the gradient tool, adjustment the gradient on the shape, adjust gradient angle and shape

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 8.33.10 AMGradients are a fun tool but you don’t want to use a crazy amount of them everywhere. By just clicking the gradient tool, you will be able to click any shape and it will become the white to grey gradient that you see above. If you want to adjust the gradients, it takes a little more thinking. The rectangle shows the gradient tool line when you are not hovering over it. The pink square shows the gradient when you hover over it and the circle shows a radial gradient.

I advise you check the gradient panel guide as it is easier to adjust your colors on there, but the tool also has many adjustments that must be made on your shape. The pink square shows an adjusted gradient. The bar below it shows what you will see when you hover over the gradient. Remember, you must have your fill on top in the color selection tool and you must have the gradient tool selected. If your fill is not on top you will see the mouse in the top right corner and it will not let you click on it.

Center tool = This changes where the gradient is. For radial gradients, this marks the center of your “burst”. Moving it will offset your burst.
Color Selections = These two or more pentagons show your color selection. Double clicking it will allow you to adjust you colors I would absolutely suggest adjusting your colors in the gradient panel, not on your shape. See the gradient panel post for more details on how to do this!
Middle of the gradient = This diamond is adjustable and changes where the colors meld together. If you have more than 2 colors, the diamond will appear between each of them.
Special Adjustments = When you hover over this diamond, you will see a few different arrow tools. First is the rotate tool. This will move the diamond point around using the center circle as the axis point. Second, is the square enlarge tool. This lets you drag the bar to extend the gradient.
Special Adjustments (Radial Only) = There will be a oval on the outline of the circle that, when hovered over, will show an arrow with another oval on it. When you move this, it will change the radial gradient from a circle to an oval. If you have an oval shape, you must use this to make it look right. Also, the enlarge tool for radial may be on the other side of the outline.


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